Connecting your Home

Recently, I wrote about the multitude of sensors out there which you could use to connect different projects. Today, let’s look at a single project and what kind of sensors you’d likely want to include in it. What project, you ask? Well, none other than your very own smart home!

To start off, let’s look at the outside and work our way in. First off, for security purposes, or even just for ease, you’d probably want an optical sensor connected to your doorbell. Ding-dong. Now you can see who’s at the door from your phone, computer,
TV, or wherever you might have it connected to.

To further your comfort, we move on to the next sensor — door and window sensors. These too can be used for security, alerting you when a door or window opens or closes, or they could even connect seamlessly to the same device as the doorbell did so you can easily open the door for whoever might be there. Should you include humidity or moisture sensors, they could also automatically close if it starts raining.

If you’re going to have automatic doors, may as well make the garage door the same, right? Connect it up and you’ll never have to wonder if you left the door open.


Next, let’s move inside and talk about your new smart thermostat. This would pair amazingly well with the doors and windows as, if it’s hot inside to a certain degree, you could have those windows open automatically, have the thermostat change on its own, or manually change it from your phone.

I think you’re starting to see just how connected your home really becomes, right? Well, we’re not done yet.

These next sensors you’ll want are for protection not of crime, but of disasters. Fire/Co2 and Leak sensors are a must. These don’t just help protect you, but a lot of the time, they’ll also help you save money! Insurance companies often give discounts to people who go the extra step in protecting their homes. It’s a win-win.


Lastly, you need a hub if you’re going to have all these sensors, right? One quick and easy place to access your sensors and control them. Luckily, there’s a smart home hub and intercom system on the market just for that. Not only do you have access to all these different devices and have a way to control them, you’ve also got the added benefit of being able to talk to people all the way across the house without having to yell. You could even use the system at work to check on your child, spouse, or ageing parents.

Of course, these are just some of the possibilities out there right now that you could have installed in your home. Add in all the different smart products and appliances you could buy and you’ll probably never need to leave your bed again! Remember, these products don’t just make things easier for us either, they also help us save money through decreased insurance rates, and better protection. Be smart and start making your home a smart home.

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