Time to take the Instinct for a Test Drive!

Vehicles are one of the world’s most used items, and soon, the Internet of Things will be helping drivers. Soon though, may be sooner than you think, thanks to the Instinct Concept.

Just a few days ago, Peugeot, a French car manufacturer, unveiled the Instinct Concept. The vehicle blends self-driving tech, home automation, and cloud-based connectivity to help define user profiles. It pulls in information from wearables, phones, and other connected gear to adapt and improve your driving experience.

It doesn’t just gather information though, it also allows you to connect to those devices from inside the vehicle. You can easily review your calendar, plan things with the virtual assistant, or even check viewing schedules on your television to know what you might want to watch when you come home. There’s a number of different things you could connect and could do, all from inside the Instinct Concept.

Peugeot isn’t alone in this endeavor. A number of other automakers have started designing their own smart cars already.  The key difference with them is that many chose to partner with Amazon’s Alexa. Peugeot, however, decided to go with Samsung’s cloud platform for data collection. With it, as it would be with Alexa, the vehicle will have it’s very own AI.  Using their AI, you’ll be able to easily speak vocal cues to control it in a variety of ways.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a smart car if it couldn’t adapt to your driving needs, now would it? The Instinct Concept has two driving modes and two self-driving modes. Yes, that’s right — we’re finally getting to a place where driving will become obsolete. That’s not to say it will be commonplace any time soon, but the Instinct Concept is a stepping stone to that very thing.

One of the self driving modes, dubbed Autonomous Sharp, allows for the quickest journey from point A to point B. Best used for work, appointments, and the like. The other mode, Autonomous Soft, gives people a view and more comfort. This mode is best used for road trips or exploring a city, or even just naps if that’s what you’re looking for.

Before you pull out your wallet though, know that the Instinct Concept is not yet available for sale. The vehicle has not yet been tested even though the underlying technology has been extensively. Their timeline right now is to aim for a 2020 release, so get excited for the future, because it’s coming at you fast!

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