Where exactly is the IoT Technology right now?

When talking of the Internet of Things, often we hear about what it will soon be capable of.  Whether we’re talking about city infrastructure, consumer devices, or even improving efficiency in processing and manufacturing, there’s always the question of what can be done right now and what’s being done.

We’re in the early stages right now.

If the Internet of Things were a human, it’d be somewhere around toddler age.  It’s just now starting to get its feet planted firmly and is expected to be running around like a rabid monkey soon.  Enough with that analogy though, let’s talk about where the IoT is shining right now — manufacturing.

Manufacturing is one of the few places where the IoT is either already being used or already being planned around.  85% of global businesses surveyed have said that they’ll be adopting IoT technologies by 2020.

Business leaders across nations firmly believe that the IoT is going to be changing their businesses significantly and are looking to capitalize on the opportunity.  Their data needs vary from customer insights, fast analysis, improved operating efficiency, and more.

What’s the big deal with the IoT all of a sudden?

The big deal is big data.  We’re living in a world where your local barber knows what toothpaste you bought last week.  Nearly every company out there is gathering some data or another.  Some of it’s from you, some from their machines, and some from their employees.  The fact is that a lot of companies out there have a lot of data to sift through and there’s no better sifter or data collector than the IoT.

The way the Internet of Things works is that it takes data from sensors and sends it through the internet to the cloud which can then be analysed and used in a variety of ways.  Sounds simple, right?  It can be!  Or it can be the most complex thing you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Some systems might only need a few sensors or a few inputs of data, but most, especially those global companies, are going to have hundreds if not thousands of different data streams coming in every day.  There’s just no way that any technology other than the IoT could handle such a load, which is why it’s shining so bright right now.

So… what is the future looking like then?

It’s looking big.  It’s looking really really big.  With all the different sectors that the Internet of Things is expected to enhance, we’re going to have a bit of a technological revolution on our hands.  Out with the old and in with the new.

We’re going to see a big boost in productivity and efficiency in many of the manufacturing departments.  Shipments of merchandise and materials will be coming and going faster, systems will be enhanced, and even employee lives and schedules could be affected positively.

As for the consumer side of things, you can expect… a lot.  With any new technology there will be a few problems.  One of the biggest out there right now is security, which is struggling at the moment when it comes to how the IoT works.  But once those issues are resolved, you can expect to find yourself in a much more user-friendly world.  Better traffic, better advertisements, and potentially even cheaper goods.  After all, if manufacturing is more efficient and therefor less costly, they’ll likely pass those saving on to you.

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