Better marketing, better business, better beer?

The Internet of Things (IoT) has its hands everywhere these days.  While your first thought when it comes to IoT might be tech or social industries, even brewers like Heineken are getting in on the action lately.  Big data and a strong handle on innovation and efficiency are the company’s way of improving as they hope to better compete in the market.  Currently, in the United States, they sell 8.5 million barrels of the good stuff, but they hope to increase those numbers with AI augmentation across many of its divisions and data-driven improvements.

Data Analytics:

Data can be used for almost anything you can put your mind to.  Heineken put their mind, and data, to almost everything in their supply chain, to create company-wide planning, forecasting, and resupply.  This process helps to reduce inefficiencies and can optimise delivery routes.  They can adjust production based on current supplies or expected demand and get the ball rolling on seasonal drinks in real-time thanks to how data is transmitted.

Using data with marketing:

Marketing in today’s market is becoming crazy.  In the past, companies had to conduct surveys or base their marketing decisions around who’s buying what and when.  Today, they’re using things like Shopperception which analyses customers behavior in front of the shelves in real-time. Through this program, Heineken was able to gather a tremendous amount of data in a very short time.

Through its partnerships with both Facebook and Google, Heineken also created a strong social profile and can create better, more personalised marketing decisions in the future.

The Ignite Bottle: Coming soon to a party near you

Not all of Heineken’s improvements are data-based.  In fact, their latest one isn’t even an improvement to their already stellar recipe, but to the bottle itself.  Dubbed the “Ignite Bottle”, it truly is unique.  The bottle contains over 50 individual components and sensors, including LED lights which lets the bottles party on at the beat of the music.  If having your glowing bottle dance with you isn’t enough, it also flickers when tipped back, “cheers” when touching another bottle, and dims sadly if nobody is touching it.  At the moment, only 200 of the bottles were produced for proof of concept, but more are likely on the way.

Beer hasn’t changed all that much in the past hundred years or so, but companies always will.  With technology comes improvement and the IoT is one of those improvements that can be made everywhere, even in the most unexpected places… I’m talking about you, seizure-inducing bottle.  While these improvements might not get you drunk faster, they will, over time, be able to reduce the costs to you.  After all, in a highly competitive market like the beer industry, lower overhead costs tend to get transferred to the customer by way of reduced pricing.

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